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Title: How to Setup and Configure or Manage Domain Reseller Storefront
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Dear Friends! If You not Registered Your Own Free Domain Reseller Account
Then, First Please Register Your Own Free Domain Reseller
If You already Registered Free Domain Reseller Program, Then Please Follow Steps to Setup Your Own Storefront.

Update Website URL or Logo
If You want to Update Your Website URL or want to Update Your Website Logo, Login into Your Admin Control Panel
and then Click on My Account Showing Menu in Top Right Column.
Now Come to Left Column Menu and Click on Update Website URL Shown as Screenshot below and Here You can Update Your Website Logo and Website URL and Reseller/Admin Control Panel URL.
You must see DNS Details to Setup Own Domain in Storefront and Partner Panel

Activate LiveChat for Domain Reseller
If You want Live-Chat for Your Domain Reseller Storefront or Partner/Reseller Panel, You need to first Activate It from Admin Panel. Click on Activate Live Chat Showing option in Admin Panel in Left Menu, After that Open Live Chat Code, Here You need Live Chat Code from any Provider and Paste It without <script>.....</script> .....paste code only.....

Update Payment Gateway for Storefront
You need to Setup a Payment Gateway Function for Your Storefront If You want to Allow that Your Customers Directly Pay through Your Storefront Website Portal. Click on My Account Showing Menu in Top Right Column and Come to Left Column Menu and Click on Payment Gateway Setting and Here You can Update Your Payment Gateway API Functions which You Received from Payment Gateway Portal. Click Here to Register Your Own Payment Gateway

or Click Here to Know Process for Payment Gateway Registration

Manage Domain and Products Display
Setup Options to Display Domain and Products on Front Page of Your Choice on Storefront and Partner/Reseller/Admin Panel. For Domain Display, Click on Manage Domain Display and For Product Display, Click on Manage Product Display from Left Menu in Admin Panel and Setup Your Required Domain and Products to Display on Front.

Slide Show and Theme Manage for Storefront
If You want to Change Storefront style/look and design, then Click on Theme Manage from Left Menu in Admin Panel. If You want to Add Image Slide Show to Your Storefront, then Click on Slide Show Image Add and Manage Slide Show and Add Your Images for Slide Show and Configure Slide Show as You Required.

Promotion Offers for Customers and Partners/Resellers
If You want to Check Active Promotion Offers from Us and want to Enable Promotion Offers for Your Own Customers and Partners/Resellers, then Click on PROMOTIONS in Menu from Main Menu and Configure are of Promotion Offers and Enable Checkbox for Show on Storefront which Offers You need to Enable.

Manage Pricing of Domain Names and All Available Products
The Pricing are is Most Important Thing for Setup. You need to Update Price for Every Domain Names and All Available Products and Re-Check It Everyday/Every Week to Update Pricing and Offer Activation. You need to Click on Manage Products and Select Domains or Other Available Products One by One and Update Pricing for Everything. Pricing Area Contains Your Price (which you charge for domain or products) and Editable Price for Customers and Reseller. Update Both Price for Customers and Resellers as You Required. For Domain Names You need to Update Price for Regular, Renewal and Transfer Price. If any Domain has Offer for First Year Registration, then It will Showing in Domain Pricing List in End and You need to also Enable It and Setup Its Price as You Wish. After Updating the Price for Domain Name or Other Available Products, You need to Save It.

Add Fund in Domain Reseller Account and Always Maintain
You need to Add Fund in Your Domain Reseller Account to Continue Provide Service to All Your Customers and Partners/Resellers. If Your Account have Sufficient Fund in Account, then All Orders Placed by Customers and Partners/Resellers will Automatically Activated, and If Your Account have Insufficient Fund in Account, then All the Orders Placed by Your Customers or Partners/Resellers  is being Pending and not being Activated Automatically. Hence Please Always Maintain Sufficient Fund in Your Account to Provide Better Services to Your Customers and Partners/Resellers.
You can Simply Add Fund in Your Account Your-self by Clicking on Add Fund and Select Options in which You want to Pay (Recommended: Instamojo). Example: Instamojo | Offline | Paypal

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