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Title: What Is My IP With Geolocation - PHP Script
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A PHP script that shows the visitors IP address and Google maps location. To use the Google maps Geolocation you need to obtain a Google maps API key.
--> Click Here to Get Google API Key

The script can be used without google maps you just need to delete the api key from the text file.
This script can be added to any webpage!

Features - Displays the following Information about the Client that Visits Your Website
+ IP-Address
+ Hostname
+ Country code and the Country name
+ Region code and the Region name
+ City
+ Zip-Code
+ Timezone
+ Latitude
+ Longitude
+ Metrocode
+ Google maps Geolocation
Responsive Format, It will auto adjust it's size According to it's Parent div. Object Oriented Programming

+ PHP 5.6
+ Google maps API Key (only if you want to display the Geolocation)

Instructions for Installation
+ Unzip the file
+ Copy the files to the root folder of your website
+ Add the following lines to the Web-Page where You want to Display the Information
    include the initialization file at the top of the file
    include the CSS file in the head section of the file
    Finally include the main script file in the div you want to be Displayed.

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